【News】About the delete of certain posts

Thank you for using Pirika, Anti-Litter social media.
This time we are writing to inform you that we have made some adjustments to posts that do not follow the goal of the Pirika app. Due to the adjustments, your total number of liters (including the liters) is probably changed.
Pirika is made to encourage our users to pick up litter thrown around until the amount of litter collected can overcome the amount of litter thrown, thus preventing litter from ending up in nature.
Pirika suggests its users pick up litter voluntarily. We also hope that by enabling its users to see what other people are doing and to communicate with each other, we can make garbage collecting a more enjoyable experience.
In short, Pirika is trying to solve the problem of different sorts of litter ending up in nature. It is important for you and us to ensure the accuracy of the amount of the litter picked up and the photos that reflect so, as it contributes to recording and spreading your activity.
However, we have recently found that in certain posts, the litter shown in the photos and the recorded amount of litter differ significantly, and thus have to delete such posts.
We may have to adjust your post(s) if it has the following problems:
  • the post is irrelevant to litter (the post does not show that litter are collected)
  • the litter shown in the photos differ from the recorded amount of litter
  • the photo(s) contains garbage that has already been collected and disposed of at garbage stations (except garbage(s) that fell out of the garbage station)
  • the photo(s) contains garbage that is collected from garbage stations, recycle boxes, or any sort of garbage containers that have the appropriate amount of garbages (by all means, picking up garbage(s) that fell out of the container(s) doesn’t count)
Please continue to take care of yourselves and enjoy using Anti-Litter social media, Pirika.