(Apology and an additional explanation) Regarding the article "About the delete of certain posts".

Hi, thank you all valued users for using PIRIKA.

First, we apologize that the previous blog article triggered confusion among users due to the vague expression of certain posts' delete.
Let us explain the background of this specific post deletion.
In one user's posts, the amount of litter in pictures posted and the amount of litter reported differed significantly. We repeatedly asked the user to revise the posts. The improvement in the posts, however, was not seen. As a result, we deleted the particular posts at issue.
Therefore, except those posts, all posts remain and have not been deleted.

We understand it is hard to precisely report the amount of litter picked up on the app, and thus, it is not a problem at all that the registered number and the amount of litter collected in pictures do not match perfectly.
As long as we can tell from your picture(s) that our users collect litter, it is totally fine that some pictures in a post are irrelevant to litter. As always, please post about your wonderful activities.

Again, we are very sorry to have made you confused by the previous article.
We will work hard to make PIRIKA a more joyful litter pickers' platform. We hope many of users continue to make the world clean with us.