[iOS] Announcement on ending the support for iOS14 or older

We Pirika development team would like to inform you about the use of the application and make a request.

In order to continue to develop new features and stabilize the application, we will be discontinuing support for the older iOS version .

We are planning to end support for iOS 14 or older as follows.

  • End of support OS: iOS 14 or older
  • End of support date: January 5th, 2023 planed updates

After the end of support, it will no longer be possible to update or install new apps on devices with iOS 14 or older.

*Please note that while you can continue to use installed apps, they may not work properly because new updates will no longer be available. *

You can continue to use Pirika for Web, but we do not guarantee that it will work on all devices iOS 14 or older.

How to find the version of iOS

As referenced from the document by Apple.

  1. Open the [Settings] app.
  2. Tap [General] > [About]
  3. Find [Version]

If you are using a version of iOS14 or older, please consider updating your OS or using a device with a newer version.