【Resolved】Android version of SNS Pirika could not add photos

Hello, this is Nobuhiro Ito from development team.

We had a problem on our service of SNS Pirika as below on December 21, 2021.

This problem has been recovered now.

We sincerely apologize for your inconvenience.

About Problem

What was happened

You could not post with any photos when you posted from Android application.

When it was happened

Between 11:44 and 16:05 on December 21, 2021 (JST)

Why it was happened

The Android version of SNS Pirika could not handle with the newly introduced image distribution server.

Our development team could not noticed this bug since this was happen not in development version but only in the production environment.

How we solved it

We have changed the image distribution server from the new one to the one we used before.

Therefore, it has now been resolved and you can post with your photos from Android version now.

We are planning to fix the problem in the new server and introduce it again later.

Request to those who posted from Android version during the above time

The photos you posted from the Android version during the above time are not displayed.

Please follow the instructions below to edit or re-post your posts.

When you want to edit (add an image)

Currently, the Android version does not support editing posts, and you can not add photos afterwards.

If you want to edit a post and add an image, you can do it from the web site as below.

1. Register your email address and password.

You need to register your email address and password to use our web site. You can check if your email address and password have already registered or not from the Android version of the "Setting."  If you haven't registered your email address yet, please do it from the "Settings" -> "User" -> "Email Address" and "Password Settings".

2. Access and Log in to the web site (https://www.pirika.org/?lang=en).

Please access the web version (https://www.pirika.org/?lang=en) from web browser of your smartphone or PC. Please login with your email address and password,

3. Edit your post.

On the web site, please go to the "Profile" page and you will find your posts. Click the post and click the "three dots on the upper right" on the detail page of the post. You can see the "Edit" button and add photos. 

When you want to post again

You can delete your post once and post it again.

This way is available from both of Android version and web site.

Please open the relevant post from "Timeline" and delete the post. And please post it again with your photos.