We finally picked up litter from 100 countries!

Hi, everyone! I’m Fujio Kojima, CEO of Pirika, Inc.
Today we have very happy news: We finally picked up litter from 100 countries!
(99th country is Fiji, 100th country is Poland)
We have no words to explain how much we appreciate your efforts and contributions.
In May 2011, we launched the Pirika app to inspire people all over the world to pick up litter and to show what can be accomplished if each one of us takes action.
We haven't been able to pick up all of it yet, but with your help, litter has been picked up in 100 countries! That's amazing! We love you.
This month, we updated Pirika app and web.
We will not stop tackling the global litter problem, and we hope that you will keep on helping us.
P.S. Just now I noticed that someone picked up litter from the 101st country. Thanks!