Report on Pirika User Survey 2020

Thank you to everyone who took the time to fill out the Pirika User Survey between December 28, 2020 and January 20, 2021! (150 people responded!)
We share the report of the survey here.
We will continue to improve our service based on your opinions and requests to make it even more fun to use 🌱.

List of sections

  1. Frequency of your activities of collecting litters
  2. Regarding online events in PIRIKA app in 2020
  3. Litter pickup activities with COVID-19
  4. The usage of PIRIKA App
  5. Respondents’ Information (Gender&ages)

1. Frequency of your activities of collecting litters

1. ごみ拾い活動の頻度 回答結果
We took another survey last May. Compared to the previous one, the ratio of users who picked up litter almost every day, once a week, or more than once a week has increased by approximately 10%!🎉
The quarantine period may have led users to make it a routine to use Pirika. We will look into the detail of the activity with COVID-19 in the third section.

2. Regarding online events in PIRIKA app in 2020

Respondents were asked about all online events which Pirika hosted throughout 2020. We hold official online events monthly to encourage users to enjoy a litter pickup activity. We also provide two prizes at each event!
Participation in the events
More than half respondents (64.1%) have participated in our online event last year! Thanks so much!
As their most memorable events, these followings were named:

The top two were perhaps named because they are still fresh in respondents' minds. But more significantly, we think from the answers that many of the unique posts shared during those events lifted users' mood.
When they find some attractive posts, they may be more likely to send "Thanks" or comments more, which brings them a lot of fun.
Furthermore, titles of events must be so precise that users can immediately understand the events' concepts. The titles will be improved more in 2021!
Now, let's see those who have not participated in any events.
  • I didn't know about the events
  • I am new to PIRIKA, and thus I had no idea about the events
  • I didn't know how to join the events
These reasons above are the answered collected from more than half of those respondents.
The frequency of in-app notifications has to be increased to ensure that people are aware of the events and improve scheduling. Our apologies for always being so last minute with announcements! ^^;
The online event is not mandatory to participate in. But we hope that it will be an opportunity for you to pick up trash.
We will continue to improve the visibility of the online event so that we don't leave behind people who would like to participate in the event if there is one and so that we can meet the expectations of everyone who always participates.💪
If you're not sure how to join an online event or what events are available at this stage, please click here (example of February's online event)!
How do you grade PIRIKA?
Respondents graded PIRIKA's online events with a 0-100 scale. The result was...
\69.2 points!!/
It has improved by 2.6 points from the previous survey.😆 We hope we could receive the full score soon!

3. Litter pickup activities with COVID-19

Effect of COVID-19 on the frequency of the pickup activity and the number of post on PIRIKA

The ratio of respondents who answered "No, not at all" (meaning nothing has changed) has declined by 4% from last May. Still, almost half of the whole respondents do not see prominent changes in their activities with COVID-19.
Those who picked up litter more often enjoyed using Pilika instead of going out in crowded places, while those who picked up less often only used Pilika on trash collection days to avoid accumulating trash at their house.
What users pay extra attention to
The most common measure to prevent corona was to wash hands thoroughly on returning home 👏 More than half of the respondents used gloves and tongs, which indicates that they keep a good distance from other people and from the garbage.
In addition to the above, we received various other ideas, such as not opening the lids of plastic bottles, picking up masks only with tongs, and encouraging other users to use gloves, tongs, and masks.
Litter users see
Of those who answered that there was a change in the amount of litter, they see, almost 90% said that the amount of masks, in particular, has increased. Some people said that the amount of litter from sanitizing sheets and containers also increased.

The usage of PIRIKA App

From the graph of when respondents started using Pilika,  it can be read that there is a sharp increase in the number of people who started using Pilika in 2020. Since the beginning of this year, the growth rate is quite large, and we expect the PIRIKA user population to grow even more in 2021!
The new function to report unlawful dumping
PIRIKA has a function to report unruly garbage. You can use the report function by pressing and holding the post icon, then swiping up.
The awareness of the illegal dumping reporting function has increased from 26% to 33.8%.
To get out of the dilemma of wanting to pick up illegal dumping but not do so, please use this function as needed. Pirika will contact the local government in charge of the reported information.
5. Respondents’ Information (Gender&ages)
Almost 70% of PIRIKA users have been male since the beginning of the launch, but this time, the number of female users has gone up to 40%! Have any of you noticed that the timeline and event contents have become more diverse and more interesting? 😆
That's it for the results. Please note that this is just the result of the survey and not all PIRIKA users' actual situation.
Thank you very much again for your cooperation! We will continue to improve our services based on the responses we received.
Please feel free to contact us through the comments section or our inquiry form if you have any questions or comments.
The winners of the giveaway at the end of the survey will be announced when the prizes are sent out (to be delivered in March).
We plan to conduct more surveys regularly, so please stay tuned.