2021. Mar. 20(Sat)- 23(Tue)【Thanks Great Nature Pirika】(Online Event)

Hi there!
It's Shiori, a mamber of team Pirika🌈
I know some of you suffer a lot from hay fever... especially if you are in Japan.
But it has definitely been warmer outside and Spring is just around the corner!
Let's feel blessed about the next season's coming together;)
Of course, Pirika will host an official online event this month, too🌸
Check out the theme of the event this month and how to join it!

A theme of our online event in March

A theme of our online event this month is...
"Thanks Great Nature Pirika!"
We found that there are several seasonal and international days related to nature in a row in March.
20th Vernal Equinox Day (a day to "honor nature and cherish living things")
21st International Day of Forests
22nd World Water Day
23rd World Meteorological Day
So, in March, we will be holding the "Thanks Great Nature Pirika" event to give thanks to nature that supports our lives✨.
From the cherry blossoms that announce the arrival of spring and lift our spirits, to the plants that absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen, let's share the moments and things that make us feel grateful for nature!
Recently, I felt gratitude for nature when I was running around with my dog on the grass in a park. I feel more at ease on the grass than on the asphalt, and more importantly, I just feel good.

Best/ Special Prize🎁

We prepare two prizes for every event. Shipping is only available within Japan, but if you are in Japan and pick up litter there, you may receive one of these!
This month, we've prepared prizes that will help you stay as comfortable as possible in the midst of pollen season!

Best Prize

Fermenstation Station Outdoor Spray
One of either Lemongrass or Palmarosa scent
(If you already have a spray container, you can choose a refill if you want.)
Finally, the hay fever season is in full swing again this year, and some of you may be suffering from allergy symptoms🤧 I hope this spray made from raw materials grown without pesticides and chemical fertilizers will make you feel comfortable and doing PIRIKA under your mask!
Even if you don't have hay fever, you can still use it to freshen up your room when you go out less often 🌱
By the way, the company that developed and sells this product, Fermenstation, is a sustainable business with "zero waste" as one of their important values✨.

Special Prize

As the results of the recently released user survey clearly show,  gloves are an indispensable item when picking up litter! We thought it would be nice to have a chance to think about sustainability when choosing such gloves. We found some wonderfully woven gloves that make effective use of the waste materials produced when making campus cloth!
I hope this will give you a chance to learn about the various efforts to keep resources in a usable cycle as much as possible, instead of turning them into "garbage"!

How to join the event

Please fulfill these requirements below!
  1. Tap "【公式/Official】大自然に感謝ピリカ/ Thanks Great Nature Pirika" and then tap "Join."
  2. Post between Mar. 20 (Sat) 0:00 and 23 (Tue) 23:59 JST
  3. When posting, share your work with either of the followings;
    Gratitude for nature that you find/feel while picking up trash
    Thoughts about nature that you have daily
    Spots or movies you recommend where great natural scenes can be seen
  4. Put #ThanksGreatNature or #大自然に感謝ピリカ in your post
We are looking forward to your participation and many interesting posts!😆
☆Download Pirika from here☆(available in EN, JP, and CN)