[iOS/Android] Now you can edit your posts in the app

Hello, I am Tomita from SNS Pirika develop team.

We would like to announce new feature release of our application "Pirika."

We have released new iOS and Android version 5.6.0 today.

Now, you can edit your posts from your application in it!

(You could only use web version if you want to edit them until today.)

How to edit?

1. Go to detail page of post by tapping your post which you want to edit.

2. Tap […] button in the top right corner of detail page.

3. Edit your post just like when you create new post.

4. Tap "Edit" button after you finish editing.

5. The message of "Edit" will be shown if it is successful.

We, develop team will improve our application more and offer better user experience to you.

We hope you'll be looking forward to future new releases :)