June 21st (Mon.)-27th (Sun.) 【Not losing to the rain! Pirika Cleanup Week】

Hi, it's Shery, a staff member of Pirika.
This year, the rainy season has come earlier than usual, and the weather has been more and more gloomy.
So I'm thrilled when we have a sunny day once in a while! 🌤
Oh, don't forget to hydrate yourself since it's been getting hotter and hotter, too!
Some of you may feel a little blue when it rains because of the weather itself, or trash outside is wet, making it a bit harder to collect it.
So this month's online event will last for an entire week so that many people can enjoy it regardless of the weather!
The prizes are unique, so be sure to check them out!

☆Online Event in June☆

「Not losing to the rain! Pirika Cleanup Week」💧
This month's Pilika event will be held during the week of June 21 (Mon.) to June 27 (Sun.)!
We have a rainy season from June to July (this year already started in May!).
Picking up trash on a rainy day can be a challenge, especially if you have to wear a raincoat or carry an umbrella. But we hope one week will allow you to find the time when it's sunny, and you can collect litter without so much trouble😁.
In this month's event, we want you to
  • share what made you happy or feel good in a day
  • share how you can enjoy Pirika during the rainy season.
When you open Pirika during the event, you will find cheerful posts, which make you happy! ✨
We will select the Grand Prize winner and the Special Prize winner from among the individual users who post regarding those two topics during the event period. 
All users who join the event will receive the limited original badge below on the app!
(You have to update to Pilika SNS app version 4.1 or later.)
The limited badge for Not losing to the rain! Pirika Cleanup Week

How to join the event

Please fulfill these requirements below!
  1. Tap【公式/Official】 雨ニモマケナイ!ピリカでごみを拾い尽くすWEEK/ Not losing to the rain! Pirika Cleanup Week and tap "Join."
  2. Post between June. 21 (Mon.) 0:00 and 27 (Sun) 23:59 JST
  3. Put #StongInRain or #雨ニモマケナイ in your post
  4. When posting, share your work with either of the followings;
    share what made you happy or feel good in a day
    share how you can enjoy Pirika during the rainy season.
We are looking forward to your participation and many interesting posts!😆
Also, leave comments on the event page! Even if you cannot go out to pick litter up, you can still enjoy the event by making and looking at comments there!

Best/ Special Prize🎁

We prepare two prizes. Shipping is only available within Japan, but if you are in Japan and pick up litter there, you may receive one of these!
Did you know that June is the environmental month?🌱
We have worked on environmental issues through our daily business, but especially this month, we would like to do more for the environment through this event.
"More" for one of the most beautiful Albatros, tufted puffins (crested puffins), which is the model of Pirika icon!

Best Prize (Choose one from the following options)

(If you prefer a milled coffee base, you can choose the base.)
  • 小川珈琲
These coffee beans are a "Bird Friendly" product, grown while protecting the forests where wild birds live. If you look a little more carefully, you will find that many of the foods and other delicacies we take for granted are becoming more environmentally friendly 🌱🦜.
Option 2: ¥2,000 donation to local NPO Etopirika Foundation(Etopirika Kikin)
This is not a physical prize, but a prize that allows you to donate 2,000 yen to the Etopirika Foundation, which is engaged in conserving the tufted puffin (Etopirika in Japanese).
The wild bird called the tufted puffin, which lives in the subarctic waters of the North Pacific Ocean, is the motif of the Pirika icon. In fact, it is listed as an endangered species (Category 1A on the Ministry of the Environment's Fourth Red List). In Japan, their numbers declined drastically in the 1970s, and now they breed only on Yulli Island and Moyulli Island in Nemuro City, Hokkaido. The breeding season is from May to August.
The situation is so desperate that this Etopirika Foundation voiced the opinion that it was too late for conservation efforts in October last year.
After the donation, a certificate of the donation will be posted on this blog.
Either option 1 or 2 will help protect wild birds, so please let us know which one you prefer.😁

Special Prize

  • RethinkPROHECT original face mask
Japan Tobacco Inc. (JT) has been a long-time sponsor of Pirika and has been involved in local clean-up activities at its branches across the country using Pirika. JT generously provided us with their wonderful original face mask for this event! We present it to you! This mask is designed in Rethink PROJECT, a project that JT has been focusing on since last year to address various social issues✨. 
Rethink PROJECT original face mask
Please wear this Rethink PROJECT facemask and spread the word everywhere you go to "Rethink" about various things! We hope that you will spread the word about wild birds as well! 😁
The temperature is getting warmer and warmer. Although it may be relatively easy to keep enough distance from the people around you when picking up trash, please keep your social distance. And wear the mask considering your health condition and your surroundings. 
As the rainy season tends to make us feel depressed, let's open Pirika and enjoy sending and receiving positive power for a week from the 21st! We look forward to seeing you there!
☆Download Pirika from here☆(available in EN, JP, and CN)